About GNFP

GNFP is a residential fence and deck builder.

GNFP is a family run business and has been building fences and decks
for over a combined 40 years. 

About Us

GNFP is a residential fence and deck builder.

Who is GNFP?

GNFP is a family run business and has been building fences and decks for over a combined 40 years. With a background in carpentry and working in the outdoors, we take our craft very seriously. Making sure to offer, and deliver exactly what the customer was hoping for. There is a wide range of lumber suppliers offered, and with our experience we have dialled in with the suppliers who offer the highest quality, premium lumber. GNFP has become a force to be reckon with. Mastering the fence and deck world year after year, there’s no reason to look elsewhere. Our customer service, quality of work, attention to detail and an always clean job site, are the main reasons to call GNFP today for your free quote.

At GNFP we have an array of discounts. Based on the time of year you’re hoping to have gnfp complete your project, there is money to be saved!

Also, if you have used us in the past, you are automatically granted a discount. We love repeat customers!


Looking to close in your yard with a beautiful new fence? Or add a custom deck to that dream, backyard oasis ?

Look no further. Gnfp has you covered and offers the most superior fence and deck solutions. Getting a fence or deck built in your backyard can be quite stressful for so many reasons and gnfp is here to help you through the process and deliver a high quality product. From the post settings right up until the final product, we take care of it all! As the homeowner, you want to know that you’ve hired a contractor who is going to take charge, answer all the questions, offer great customer service and give you exactly what you were hoping for.


GNFP is a one stop shop!

Gnfp not only builds fences and decks, but we also dig and set our own footings and post holes. This is a huge advantage. GNFP garuntees that the customer is getting the strongest footings and post holes for their project. It can always be a risk hiring a third party digging company as you never know how deep the holes are.

GNFP works year round!

Yes that’s right! GNFP is one of the only residential fence and deck company’s that offers year round services. Spring, summer, fall and winter. No matter whether it’s raining or snowing, we deliver. If the ground isn’t frozen, we’re working!

A professional opinion always helps …

Upon completing every project, GNFP always offers ideas towards keeping your new deck or fence looking great and lasting as long as possible. Whether it’s recommending landscape fabric and crushed stone underneath to eliminate weeds from getting through, tarring the fence posts or staining your deck with a nice water seal, to keep that beautiful sienna colour and help with premature rot. We ensure that you’ll feel comfortable after we leave.

Why choose GNFP?

At GNFP we have the most qualified, hardworking and polite staff. As a matter of fact, all of our staff goes through an in depth training process to make sure that the comfort level is met. We always make sure there is a site super on site that can answer to any issues or problems efficiently every time. GNFP also ensures that safety is the number one goal on every site. Steel toe boots, high visible apparel  and safety glasses are always worn.

With this staff that GNFP has put together, we feel comfortable knowing that the customers project, questions, and satisfaction will never be a problem.

We ALWAYS clean up after and double check our finished product…

The perfect project, can be hindered by a messy job site. Although a contractor may have built you a nice project….if they leave the site messy afterwards this can be quite annoying. Not GNFP though!

While inspecting the complete project, for anything we may have missed, we also make sure we clean up all saw dust, garbage and debris that could be left behind. We know customers appreciate this and a project is not complete until cleaned up and inspected!


At GNFP, we garuntee our work. How do we do that? Well first of all we use only the finest materials and have the most qualified staff. However, even after the project has been completed, we offer a 2 year warranty! With just a phone call or email, we will help rectify any issues you’ve encountered after completion. Whether you’ve had a board on your fence crack or a deck board has come loose, we promise to address.

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For over 10 years, GNFP has served as your
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