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GNFP is a residential fence and deck builder.

GNFP is a family run business and has been repairing fences and decks
for over 20 years. 


Is your fence leaning? Is your deck holding up but a bunch of the boards appear to be rotten?

Repairing your fence or deck can be a great way to cost save!

A lot of customers don’t realize that a leaning fence can be fixed and save you tons of money and the hassle of building a whole new fence. 

Rotten fence post?

Un sure of what’s causing your fence to lean? Give GNFP a call today and we will have an expert come out and assess. 9 times out of 10 it’s because of rot. This happens at the base of the post where it meets the elements. Typically a garden. When we water our gardens, we’re covering the fence posts in water, ultimately leading to premature rot. Now, of course a garden is a nice way to spruce up the base of a fence…but with a proper post repair, and advice from one of our pros, we can fix the issue and extend the life of your fence, buying you enough time before re building the whole fence becomes necessary. 

Cracked or warped fence boards and top rails?

Cracking and twisting in lumber is caused by the sun. Typically when fences and decks are constructed, the pressure treated liquid is still heavily present in the lumber and when the sun dries it out, it causes  cracks and twists. This is completely un-avoidable but that’s ok! GNFP can easily replace these pieces. 

Rotten deck boards or steps?

Rotten deck boards can make a customer think that the whole deck needs to be replaced but this isn’t always the case. They can also make a customer feel as if the deck is very unsafe. The framing underneath could still be in great condition. With a quick refacing you can get that brand new look and safety back for a cheaper cost. 

Rotten deck boards are inevitable if proper steps are not taken to keep them sealed. 

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