GNFP Decks

GNFP is a residential fence and deck builder.

GNFP is a family run business and has been building fences and decks
for over a combined 40 years. 


A lot of this content can be used in a differently worded way with fences too….

Premium Pressure treated and cedar decks

GNFP is one of the most trusted contractors when it comes to outdoor decks made out of pressure treated and cedar. There’s more to just great customer service that goes into our product.

GNFP uses only the finest pressure treated lumber. All of our lumber is hand picked from the lumber yard every day.

When it comes to putting the deck together we assure you that the highest of quality fasteners are also used.

  • GRK Engineered screws
  • Hot dipped galvanized nails
  • ACQ certified screws
  • ACQ certified joist hangers
  • Galvanized post brackets
  • High test concrete for all footings

A GNFP advantage?

At GNFP we offer to screw your deck boards. We believe this is the best way to fasten any decking. It offers a much better hold to the joists, ensuring less twist and movement caused by the elements.

Customized to your liking!

Whether it’s pressure treated or cedar, we at GNFP promise to build around the customers ideas. Our expectation here at GNFP is that your satisfied along the whole way. With different options for railing, multiple levels and a garunteed set of sturdy steps, we can deliver a product to meet our customers expectations.

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For over 10 years, GNFP has served as your
trusted year round post setting, fence and deck experts.