GNFP Postholes & Footings

GNFP is a residential fence and deck builder.

GNFP is a family run business and has been building fences and decks
for over a combined 40 years. 


One of the best parts about GNFP is we have our own, state of the ark auguring equipment. We dig and set our own posts and footings for all of our projects ensuring that the best setting possible was achieved. We only need 32” of access to get our machine in your back yard. Our machine is carted around on rubber tires, making sure we won’t damage your lawn.

Save your back and weekend by letting us dig for you…. we offer post hole and deck footing digging as a service!

Digging and setting posts or deck footings is easily the most dreaded part of the whole process. So why attempt this yourself? Leave it to the pros!

It can be difficult to dig the holes, however, making sure that your posts or footings are in a straight line and plum is most important.

How does the process work?

It’s simple! Give us a call today and we can walk you through the process. You let us know what you’re looking to have set and we will figure out which size hole or length of post is most appropriate for your deck or fence.

Garunteed settings…

GNFP garuntees all settings. Not only do we figure out the appropriate size hole for the application, but we use the highest grade concrete available! This ensures us that your settings will last.

The GNFP advantage?

GNFP has been digging holes for just as long as we’ve been building fences and decks. So we are certain we have enough experience to get the job done properly.

Hole sizing and post sizing…

  • •4×4
  • •6×6
  • •8” deck footing
  • •10” deck footing

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For over 10 years, GNFP has served as your
trusted year round post setting, fence and deck experts.